Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Choo-Choo Someone's Two!

My latest cake adventure was a lot of fun!  This was my first time to have directions on every aspect of creating the cake, which relieved some pressure in some ways.

In honor of my little girl's 2nd birthday, the girl who stands at the window and "commands" for trains to come by, who waves "bye-bye" and says "thank you" to them for coming, and when visiting other people's houses goes to their windows and looks for trains, this cake seemed appropriate:

from Wilton's Celebrate! with Fondant magazine
When I showed her the picture and asked if she would like this cake, she excitedly replied, "Oh-TAY!", which is how she says "yes" when she's extremely happy.

I chose a simple pound cake recipe and followed the directions given by baking 2 loaves and one cupcake.
Loaves "dirty iced" with vanilla buttercream frosting

Of course, I had to change the colors for my girl, who without being taught to do so, gravitates to pink.

The body of the train

I forgot to take more pictures in between because I was kind of in a hurry, but here's the almost completed project.  The wheels are made from fondant as well.  I had to make them several days ahead for them to be firm enough and not "wilt".  As a precaution I stuffed paper under them since I put them on the night before.  They turned out great!

Almost done!

I don't have letter cutouts, so I bought some "food writing" markers.  They were easy to use, and I think will last a while.

The "steam" is marshmallows slightly melted so that they would stick together (thanks to my mil for the great idea!)  I did vary from the directions here because I didn't want to make more fondant to roll into balls for the steam.

Finished product!

My daughter LOVED her cake!  She ate it with concentrated determination.

The happy birthday girl

This cake was lots of fun to make, and by changing the colors, could be used on different occasions for any train theme party.  This cake serves 10, but if you have a larger event, more cars could be added to make sure everyone can "get on board"!

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  1. This is awesome! And I think one of the first times that I've seen a train cake made for a little girl - LOVED IT.

    I am particularly fond of how the mini-marshmallow steam worked out. Nice effect!


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