Sweet Treats

NOTE:  I'm in the process of figuring out if I need to get some kind of permit for selling baked goods from my home as a fundraising endeavor.  Until I know for sure, I am happy to work on a few things for practice, and if you feel led to help us with the medical bills by giving us a gift, I'll be happy to accept.

I enjoy making cakes.  I really enjoy making original cakes.  Have a fun idea?  Contact me and let's make your idea a tasty reality.

Here are some of the sweets I've made in the past.  My favorite cake is chocolate, but I'm open to just about anything!  When I make a chocolate cake from scratch, it's usually Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake, which I'll simply type as HPCC from here on out, otherwise, I'll let you know.

Check back on the home page to see new creations not yet posted here.

Black Forest Cake from scratch; recipe from Alita on food.com
4 miniature cakes cut from 9x13 cake
"leftovers" made into parfait-style cakes

First birthday
Strawberry cake (yes, from a box!) covered in marshmallow fondant
Red, blue, green balls for border, also marshmallow fondant

First birthday "smash cake"
Strawberry cake covered in fondant
Blue and green marshmallow fondant border
Red marshmallow fondant 1

Chocolate 9x13 cake covered in marshmallow fondant (my first fondant cake!)
Kermit, Isaiah, 5 all in marshmallow fondant

Per my son's request:  Singing cake
HPCC cake covered in marshmallow fondant
Staff and notes marshmallow fondant
Black ribbon marshmallow fondant border

Another request from my son:  Ice cream cake
HPCC Cake in 9" round
HPCC Cake in cupcakes
All covered in marshmallow fondant
Sprinkles were purchased and the "cherry" is a peanut butter M&M

Lightning McQueen Chocolate Cake covered in Buttercream frosting
This was my first decorative cake, ever, and I made it in Russia where baking supplies readily available in the States are not so readily available.  This was definitely a learning experience, and what prompted me to try some more techniques.

At this point I don't have a base price list for cakes because of the issue I mentioned at the beginning of this post.  If you have an idea for a cake, I can suggest a donation amount, if you would like.

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  1. Hi Cristy,
    You know those delicious cookies you make into balls and freeze? People might like to order them to have on hand in their freezers. You could sell them by the box with about 2 dozen in each box. love, mom


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